Tririg reveals Scoops Ultimate – the ultra-adjustable full-forearm carbon aerobar cradles without the custom aerobar price tag.

Tririg, creator of the stellar Omega X brake, Alpha One aerobars and Omni monocoque tri bike has another ingenious triathlon gear solution just around the corner in the form of the Scoops Ultimate arm cradles.

Building on the existing Tririg Scoops, which give a more supported and secure fit around the elbows while on the aerobars, the Scoops Ultimate cradles give increased arm coverage to improve comfort and aerodynamics without sacrificing adjustability.

The comfort part of the equation comes from the fact that you can rest your whole forearm on the Scoops Ultimates, spreading your weight over the larger surface area rather than creating a weight-bearing hot-spot as with smaller cradle-pad combos.

With this much support, it’s easier to relax into your position, reducing muscular tension and allowing you to stay in the aero position for longer. The Scoops Ultimates will also be topped with textured neoprene pads complete with 1mm sweat drain holes throughout, helping them dry quickly post-swim and wick away moisture.

On the aerodynamics side, because the extensions are contained within the Scoops Ultimates there’s a single airfoil shape to cut through the wind as opposed to the usual combination of extensions, arms and additional mounting hardware – a traditional setup which is hardly ideal when you’re aiming for maximum drag saving.

The Scoops Ultimate cradles are made from hollow carbon fibre and, uniquely, allow you to slot-in any extension pole giving you unlimited reach, roll and angle options for your grips. They also allow for both electronic and mechanical shifting.

This, along with the massive 100mm fore-aft range and a selection of included angled spacers promises enormous adjustability and the ability to easily create the ‘hands-up’ position now favoured by many pro racers and age-groupers alike.

While Tririg has developed the Scoop Ultimates with its own Alpha One aerobar in mind, the cradles’ design ensures compatibility with virtually every aerobar setup on the market thanks to industry-standard centre-to-centre bolt holes.

The bottom line is that the Tririg Scoop Ultimate cradles look set to give virtually all the benefits of custom-moulded extensions with the added boon of more on-going grip and fit adjustability – all at around a quarter of the cost of optional like Speedbar. That sounds pretty good to us!

Due to ship in early January 2021, pre-ordering the Scoops Ultimate cradles will get you up to $250 off depending on which options you choose along with a set of Tririg’s own Gamma 24 extensions.

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