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Stolen Goat Women’s Tri Suit Review


We put Stolen Goat’s Women’s Tri Suit to the swim, bike, run test to see how this high-end option performs across all triathlon disciplines.

Stolen Goat began as a cycling-focused brand in 2012 and the British outfit has also brought its penchant for bright designs to a range of tri suits including this women’s specific option, which is available in 16 characterful colourways.

Stolen Goat Women’s Tri Suit


Long sleeves and legs

Comfy second-skin fit

Feels fast!


Pad could be a little thin for some

Price: £160

Upper and Sleeves

Like many other top-end suits, Stolen Goat has opted for sleeves on its Women’s Tri Suit. This doesn’t just give the pro look or improve sun protection, but also provides an aero advantage thanks to the Airstripes material.

This subtly textured fabric is designed to trip the air, keeping it attached to the arms for longer, decreasing drag. Stolen Goat claims a saving of eight to 10 Watts per sleeve, the equivalent of a disc wheel.

The rest of the upper is also very form fitting, doing away with any folds or flapping that could catch the air and slow you down. There’s no built-in bra, allowing athletes to choose their own support.

On the back, there’s a deep stash pocket, which comfortably takes three to four gels and is nice and tight to stop any annoying bouncing. The bottom of the pocket is also perforated to help breathability when not in use.

While the suit’s lightweight breathable fabric does a good job of wicking away moisture, the long YKK zipper on the front runs to the belly button to allow plenty of fresh air in for extra cooling. It also makes it a tiny bit easier to answer calls of nature, though the slim-fitting arms can take quite a bit of wriggling to get back on afterwards.

Shorts and Pad

The shorts section of the suit immediately wins points for the length of the legs. Too many times we’ve seen women’s suits with short legs that ride up and create a wholly unflattering sausage effect at the top of the quads!

There are no such issues here with the generous inseam reaching down to just above the knees. Once there, the hems stay put too thanks to large gripper sections of thin material backed with silicone and finished with a seam-free edge.

Stolen Goat Women's Tri Suit Legs
Stolen Goat’s choice of longer than average legs helps avoid unwanted discomfort and supports more of the quads. (Photo: Triathlon Vibe)

A good pad is a must for any tri suit and a very personal choice. Too little padding can lead to discomfort on the bike, too much can be an annoyance on the run.

Stolen Goat’s design was developed in Belgium alongside pro triathletes. The antibacterial, multi-layered pad is luxuriously soft to the touch and features dimples designed to help speed drying, improve airflow, increase breathability and give a little extra damping on the saddle.

For us, the Stolen Goat pad hits the sweet spot for Olympic distances. Its velvety finish is certainly smooth against the skin and provides enough comfort to make a difference, but we’d like a little more cushioning for rides over 40km on bumpy British roads.

If you prefer less padding to get in the way then you’ll be right at home here with friction-reducing softness that’ll help you go the distance.

Swimming, biking, running

When worn under a wetsuit there was minimal additional shoulder resistance, which can be an issue with some sleeved suits. There were no issues with rubbing around the armpits on longer swims either. Getting back in the water without the wetsuit, the Stolen Goat Women’s Tri Suit felt smooth and fast with no sense of added dragging.

Splash tests on the fabric when dry showed its water repellent qualities, with drops beading and rolling off the surface of the material. This was confirmed on the bike where some mild rain showers were shrugged off well with any lingering dampness drying quickly when the sun returned.

The Stolen Goat suit just feels fast on the bike. There’s nothing to flap or impede forward progress and it’s breathable enough that we rarely needed to unzip for more air. The quads feel particularly supported while cycling – a combination of the body-hugging fit and the length of the legs.

Stolen Goat Tri Suit - Running
The suit is super-comfy to run in with no chafing issues, great breathability and excellent freedom of movement. (Photo: Triathlon Vibe)

All that expertly cut aero shaping, special sleeve material and extra-long coverage would count for nothing if the suit didn’t move well and we’re pleased to report that the Stolen Goat Women’s Tri Suit lives up to the brand’s dedication to freedom.

The four-way stretch material allows completely unimpeded movement all while providing a lightly compressive fit that hugs the muscles without undue constriction.

When running, the suit feels effortless. There’s no friction around the shoulders or rubbing of the zip while the legs feel supported on every stride. The pad becomes completely inconspicuous, which isn’t something that can be said for all suits.

Overall, the Stolen Goat Women’s Tri Suit certainly lives up to the brand’s freedom philosophy by offering a wide selection of colourways to express your personality backed by high-quality fabrics, a comfortable fit and performance-enhancing features.

Overall Verdict

Thoughtful design and top-quality materials make the Stolen Goat women’s tri suit a great choice if you’re not a fan of an overly chunky pad or put pure speed above all else.

This product was sent to Triathlon Vibe for testing and review.

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