One Pro Nutrition’s Protein Bars pack a high-quality recovery punch in a choice of satiating post-workout flavours that will keep you coming back for more.

One Pro Nutrition Protein Bar – Peanut & Cacao / Raspberry & Chocolate


Quality ingredients

Pretty tasty and not too sweet

Good for carb-watchers


Still a protein bar

Pretty expensive

Price: £2.50 per bar

Founded by former professional cricketer, Matt Prior, One Pro Nutrition’s ethos is pretty straightforward – clean and natural sports nutrition with premium ingredients that only put in what the body actually needs.

The brand’s Protein Bar recipe certainly seems to fit that paradigm. Vegan and with no artificial sweeteners or additives, each 57g bar majors on replenishing calories – 223 of them in fact – along with 17g of muscle-building pea protein and peanut paste. The packaging is even compostable!

The bars come in two flavours – Peanut & Cacao and Raspberry & Chocolate. While the nutrition varies very slightly between the two, unlike some sugar-packed post-exercise protein bars One Pro’s offerings shouldn’t create a barrier for those averse to high carb intakes.

There are just 8g of carbohydrate here with only 2.9g (peanut) and 4.17g (raspberry) coming from sugar thanks to the combination of Peruvian lucuma fruit and low GI vegan chocolate. The latter helps mitigate insulin response compared to sweeter alternatives, helping to avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes.

The 11 or 12g of fat on offer in One Pro’s protein bars also makes this a good choice for low-carb, high-fat athletes. Finally, there is plenty of fibre to help sate appetite and support digestive health.

Those performing at the pointy end of their age-group will be reassured that the bars are also free from WADA prohibited substances with every bar batch-tested by Informed Sport.

they’re up there with the best we’ve tasted

As with all sports nutrition, half the battle is creating something that takes a list of quality ingredients and combining them into something that’s actually palatable.

While we’ve come to expect a chalky aftertaste with a lot of protein bars, One Pro’s offering has a more balanced chewy chocolatey hit, which is – dare we say it – rather moreish. It’s a nice combination of the dark chocolate’s natural bitter-sweetness followed up by either a sharper raspberry zing or soothingly familiar nutty flavour.

There’s still a bit of that protein flavour and crumbly texture that marks out recovery bars, but on the whole, they’re up there with the best we’ve tasted.

Price wise, you are paying for all the goodness inside. £2.50 will certainly add up if you’re eating them regularly while the box quantities (and their 12-month shelf life) make it an easier investment to make.

Overall Verdict

A tasty protein bar packed with quality ingredients that’s a welcome, flavoursome hit – especially after a tough training session.

This product was sent to Triathlon Vibe for testing and review.

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