Super League Triathlon announces SLT Teams, a major expansion set to add new racing dynamics and tactics to the short-course series.

Ahead of the 2021 Super League Triathlon season, the organisation has announced a shake-up to the format through SLT Teams. The new initiative, inspired by cycling and Formula 1, will see the 40 Super League athletes split among five teams, each managed by a different former pro athlete.

SLT Teams

  • SLT Scorpions: Managed by four-time World Champion Chris McCormack
  • SLT Eagles: Managed by four-time World Champion Tim Don
  • SLT Cheetahs: Managed by World Duathlon champion Annie Emerson
  • SLT Rhinos: Managed by 11-time Ironman winner Ronnie Schildknecht
  • SLT Sharks: Managed by two-time Olympian Michelle Dillon

Team rosters of four women and men per team will be drawn in a snake draft to be broadcast on Super League Triathlon’s YouTube channel on Thursday 26 August at 6pm BST.

How Do SLT Teams Work?

Much like the Collins Cup team captains, the SLT team managers will use all the experience gained over their own extensive racing careers to make tactical calls and use their athletes’ swimming, cycling and running strength to their best effect.

In terms of point scoring, the highest-placed three men and three women from each 2021 race will contribute the points they earn as individuals to their team’s leaderboard. Also all points accrued via the swim, bike and run leaderboards will count.

In a press release, the SLT Teams dynamic is described as “handing power to athletes, fans and stakeholders to help shape the future of the sport.” Exactly how that will play out is yet to be seen, but the introduction of SLT Teams will bring an extra $320,000 in prize money to the 2021 Super League Triathlon Championship Series, which guarantees every athlete will earn prize money, regardless of where they place over the season.

Super League Triathlon CEO, Michael D’hulst, said: “By adding SLT Teams to our 2021 Championship Series we are expanding the ecosystem of Super League Triathlon to deliver a vision to grow our sport. By setting up teams we are adding additional stakeholders to help develop the concept and truly creating something special, driven by the passion and the desire to give this sport a brighter future.

“The racing will bring not only the individual battles we love but also a new tactical element promoting the swimmers, bikers and runners in triathlon and seeing them play a role in their Team’s success. The Team Managers will input to not only mentor the athletes but also attempt to deliver winning tactics.

“There will be extensive coverage of SLT Teams, allowing fans to understand what is happening, hear from the managers and scrutinise their decisions. The athletes also get the chance to be a key part of this, and the chance to be rewarded for their efforts in a way they never have before with something of a redistribution of wealth to help those away from the top few to also grow and develop in the sport.”

The Super League Triathlon 2021 Championship Series gets underway on 5 September in London before continuing to Munich on 12 September, Jersey on 18 September and Malibu on 25 September.

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