PTO Tour age-group triathlon events are shaking up the sport. Here’s why you should consider them for your racing calendar in 2022.

The PTO is redefining the world of pro triathlon, but it’s not just the pros who get to benefit. With the launch of the PTO Tour, age-groupers have the chance to race alongside the sport’s biggest names and take on new challenges in locations around the world. Here are some of the highlights – and reasons they should be on your schedule for 2022.

Be Part Of Triathlon History

With the PTO making big moves in the sport of triathlon, 2022 is the first-ever opportunity to race the PTO Tour – the new majors of triathlon. The PTO Canadian Open (22-24 July) and PTO US Open (17-18 September) will be a first for pros and age-groupers alike. Think how cool it’ll be in to say, “I was there at the start!” for years to come.

Meanwhile, the Collins Cup returns for its second outing at the x-bionic sphere in Samorin, Slovakia on 20-21 August – a chance for you to race solo and take in all the action of the PTO’s flagship team-based pro event.

New Distances

PTO Tour events have two different distance options to choose from: 100km and 25km. The 100km race is made up of a 2km swim, 80km bike and 18km run. While that might be just short of an Ironman 70.3, it’s a real racer’s distance in its own right.

The 2km swim evens the swim-bike-run ratio a little, giving strong swimmers more of a chance to earn a gap. The 80km bike course will involve ratcheting up the power compared to a 70.3 and the 18km run means redlining it all the way to the finish. It’ll be fast, intense and – if you’re then looking to go longer in the future – is the ideal way to maintain speed when you up the distance.

The 25km race quarters all the 100km distances for a snappy 500m swim, blistering 20km bike and sprint-to-the-line 4.5km run. Again, it’s different from the traditional sprint distance, but it’s ideal for fast-twitch speed merchants, first-timers or those who already have another A-race planned but want to take in the festival vibes and pro races. Speaking of which…

Watch The Pros

Traditionally, it’s been rare to see the world’s best athletes duke it out on a regular basis. There’s been Kona and the Ironman 70.3 World Champs… that’s pretty much it. With the PTO Tour and its $1m-plus prize purses, we’ll get to see the best fight to the line much more often.

It’ll all kick off in Edmonton, Canada, for the PTO Canadian Open with the top 40 PTO World Ranked athletes offered a slot, which can only roll down as low as World #50. Then there’s the promise of a handful of wildcards, which could add some World Triathlon short-course stars to the mix too.

Sure, it’ll be broadcast around the world, but being on the ground at a pro race this big is something totally different – a heart-pounding, goosebump-raising experience you’ll never forget as you cheer your heroes to historic victories. There’s nothing that gets you more motivated towards training or re-energised about your favourite sport.

Top-class Schwag

Tired of drawstring bags or backpacks that barely make it home without falling apart? The PTO obviously feels the same way and are promising high quality schwag that’s also sustainably made – something that’ll stand the test of time, that you’ll actually want to use and isn’t a killer for the environment. That’s something few triathlon events can boast.

Backed By Experienced Organisers

When a new event appears on the calendar, it’s natural to want to sit it out for the first year and wait for the verdicts to come in before signing up. But the PTO has covered that too by working with some of the most experienced event partners in the world.

The PTO Canadian Open age-group races are run by Do North Events, the team behind over two decades of ITU/World Triathlon racing in Edmonton. The Collins Cup delivery team is Challenge Family, one of the biggest names in triathlon. Finally, the PTO US Open will be delivered by USAT itself, the national body of the sport in the USA.

Festival Vibes

The PTO wants to make each PTO Tour event experience something you’ll remember for years to come – and that means more than just flying in, racing and flying out. With multiple distances on different days, men’s and women’s pro races to watch, extra events like open water swims, a sprawling event expo area, food, music and stunning destinations to explore during race week, the PTO is setting up a multisport festival to get stuck into.

First-year Pricing

When the PTO Tour was launched, the pricing was set lower than entry to the Ironman 70.3 world champs but the athlete feedback was clear – the races were too expensive for first-year events. The PTO team acted quickly and slashed the event entry fees by 50% so 2022 is the ideal time to try out these seriously good value events.

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