The Pho3nix Foundation teams with the PTO for the Sub7 Sub8 Project, which will see four athletes attempt to set new iron-distance records.

Sharing a common goal to support and elevate professional triathletes, the Pho3nix Foundation and the PTO will partner on the Sub7 Sub8 Project. Set to take place in 2022, the Sub7 Sub8 Project will pit Alistair Brownlee and Kristian Blummenfelt against completing a seven-hour iron-distance triathlon while Lucy Charles-Barclay and Nicola Spirig will attempt to go under eight hours.

The record-breaking attempt is designed to capture global attention, reaching beyond dedicated triathlon fans, through the drama that will unfold as four incredible triathletes attempt to break through these ‘impossible’ barriers and show their extraordinary athleticism.

As well as covering the event with an immersive live broadcast, Pho3nix will take audiences on a behind the scenes journey both in the lead up to the event, and via a post-produced feature length documentary, as each athlete prepares to make history. 

It’s the perfect partnership for Pho3nix and the PTO – the former aiming to inspire young people to challenge themselves through sport by showing that all goals are worth chasing, the latter connecting fans and supporters to the athletes as they strive to set new iron-distance records.

“I’m a big supporter of the PTO as an organisation and how it has given professional triathletes a sense of ownership over the direction of their sport,” said Chris McCormack, Pho3nix Foundation board member and CEO of Mana Sports and Entertainment. “The PTO and the Pho3nix Sub7 Sub8 Project share a desire to elevate the sport and create a new standard for the next generation.

“Along with adding depth to the opportunities for the top echelon of athletes who give up so much to compete on this level, it will also drive engagement among younger people. It’s what gets them into sport, seeing and aspiring to be like these great athletes.”

PTO CEO Sam Renouf added: “The PTO fully support the Sub7 and Sub8 Project by the Pho3nix Foundation which will help not only highlight the amazing accomplishments of our professional athletes but raise awareness to a wider fan base. Compelling storytelling which showcases the personalities, as well as the accomplishments of our amazing PTO athletes, will help leverage the excitement and drama of our sport to attract a wider and younger audience. We wish all our PTO Professionals the best of luck.”

The Sub7 Sub8 Athletes

Pho3nix Sub7 Pho3nix Sub8 Athletes
The four athletes seeking to go faster than anyone has before. (Photo: PTO/Daniel Vazquez/Triathlon Vibe)

Alistair Brownlee

Double-Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee went 7:45:20 at Ironman Western Australia in 2019 – his third iron-distance event. He’s currently undergoing ankle surgery and is planning to work back to fitness for Kona in October, meaning he’ll likely miss out on the Collins Cup this August.

Kristian Blummenfelt

Already the Ironman 70.3 world record holder, Kristian Blummenfelt has yet to complete an iron-distance event but has already stated his desire to show long-course athletes a thing or two by winning the Tokyo Olympics and Kona this year.

Nicola Spirig

Another double Olympic medallist, Nicola Spirig will be taking on her fifth Olympic Games in Tokyo this year. However, the Swiss star is more than a short-course athlete. She’s won numerous 70.3 events and also has a marathon PB of 2:37:12.

Lucy Charles-Barclay

A three-time runner-up at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, Lucy Charles-Barclay is the sport’s best swimmer, an enormously strong biker and an ever-improving runner. She recently came top-five on debut at the Olympic-distance WTCS Leeds racing – short course speed that’s bound to help her at Sub8.

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