The PTO Stats website is a one-stop shop for all long-course pro triathlon race results, athlete data, rankings and records.

The newly launched PTO Stats website is packed with all the information a long-course triathlon geek could ever dream of. The site covers every major half and full iron-distance race, from a rapid upload of the latest events to the first Ironman in 1978 – charting all the athlete performances along the way that make up those numbers.

In addition to results tables, data junkies can dive into each athlete’s race history, see their individual swim, bike, run and overall scores and take a look at how those values have changed over time. You can also compare athletes using the site’s head-to-head functionality to see where your selected race duo have done battle together and who’s come out on top in each discipline.

You can also see the top-five fastest ever overall and swim, bike, run times across both 70.3 and 140.6 distances – with official Ironman and other events such as Challenge included. Then there are filters for gender, nation and time period to really drill down into the record books.

There’s also a listing of the highest point-scoring races of all time filterable by the same criteria. These points are based on the PTO’s formulas developed in partnership the Tri Geek himself, Thorsten Radde of

Of course, being the PTO’s own stats hub, you can also stay up to date with the latest World Rankings positions as well as the Collins Cup standings to keep an eye on who might be representing the USA, Europe and Internationals teams at this year’s inaugural race in Samorin on 28 August.

While this mind-bending array of data could easily have been overwhelming, the site is laid out very clearly and is a cinch to navigate, making it easy to find the results you’re looking for or exactly which athlete you want to get the lowdown on.

Christophe Balestra, who was appointed as the PTO’s chief technology officer in February, said: “Triathlon fans are all too painfully aware that sources of triathlon stats are limited and disparate. Fans would have to browse multiple sites to get a consolidated view of stats from men’s and women’s race performances. This is about to change as the PTO launches a one-stop-shop for current and historic triathlon data and analytics”.

Charles Adamo, Executive Chairman of the PTO, commented, “In today’s “Moneyball” world, sports are driven by data and statistics. Triathlon, by the nature of its three disciplines, creates immense amounts of data. When presented together with the personalities and sporting drama that races produce, this data makes for an engaging and thrilling experience.

“We are now able to showcase PTO Professionals via personality-driven storylines and supplement it with the in-depth performance data that highlights their tremendous competitive accomplishments. Our goal is to implement and deliver this data to fans in an exciting and user-friendly way.”

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