The PTO continues to gear up for this August’s Collins Cup with more details about the live coverage triathlon fans can expect.

The Collins Cup will provide the PTO’s next big make-or-break moment, so it’s no surprise that the organisation is putting together all the ingredients for both the ultimate triathlon spectacle and the best coverage we’ve ever seen in the sport.

To that end, the PTO has commissioned FilmNova to deliver live coverage of the race, which will be directed by award-winner Martin Turner. No stranger to complex high-speed competition, Turner created the world’s first dedicated Formula 1 Channel – Sky Sports F1 – and was awarded Formula 1 Broadcaster of the Year for two years in a row before becoming head of Sky Sports F1 coverage in Europe.

With 12 one-on-one-on-one matchups between USA, Europe and Internationals athletes setting off at eight-minute intervals, Turner will have plenty of angles to pick from on the day thanks to the comprehensive setup from FilmNova.

This includes 12 moto cameras, helicopter coverage and drones on course as well as robotics, jibs, steadicams, pole-cams, buoy-cams and handhelds in the transition and start-finish areas. There will also be a Bolt-X robotic camera that will capture every athlete in advance for use in athlete intros, as well as in-race through transition.

“I am excited to deliver the quality broadcast coverage that triathlon fans are desperate for”

Martin Turner

This top tech is complemented by F1 pit-lane style audio communication between athletes and their team captains as well as wearable tech from the athletes to provide instant biometric data, giving fans the chance to see who’s really hurting as well as Ryder-Cup style predicted match scores.

On top of this, there will be in-picture clips and stylised mini-features from the athletes, which will inform viewers of their race strategy and approach to key disciplines.

All this means that the PTO is looking to seriously up the game of championship triathlon coverage, going way beyond the limited camera-at-the-front seen in Kona and even the setup that provides World Triathlon’s quality coverage.

Another positive side effect is all the live pictures and information will be a wealth of talking points for the as-yet-unannounced commentary team, who won’t be lost for words among all the racing action.

Speaking about the planned coverage, Turner said: “I am excited to deliver the quality broadcast coverage that triathlon fans are desperate for. The PTO are creating world class sporting events like The Collins Cup with the aim of putting innovation and world class storytelling at the core of our television product to make our superstar athletes like Alistair Brownlee and Lucy Charles-Barclay household names.”

Collins Cup
The Collins Cup will pit athletes from USA, Internationals and Europe regions against one another in 12 match-ups over 100km of racing. (Photo: PTO)

FilmNova’s managing director, Phil Sibson, added: “We were struck by the drive, ambition and ethos of the PTO and their fantastic concept of The Collins Cup. We have worked hard to develop a broadcast solution that will match this in innovation and scale, whilst providing engaging and compelling storytelling that we know will excite audiences.”

PTO CEO, Sam Renouf, said: “We are thrilled to have FilmNova on board working alongside Martin to deliver our inaugural live broadcast of The Collins Cup to a global audience of triathlon and sports fans. Innovative production values and compelling storytelling is key to creating a broadcast platform to leverage the excitement, rivalry and drama of The Collins Cup while showcasing the personalities of our amazing PTO athletes to a wider audience.”


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