Inaugural Clash Daytona set for December 2021 as Challenge North America rebrands to Clash under CEO Bill Christy.

Triathlon’s biggest Nascar speedway events will now take place under the Clash banner with Clash Daytona set for December 2021, Clash Miami in March and Clash Watkins Glen next July.

Challenge Daytona and Challenge Miami have produced some of the most exciting and watchable triathlon events of recent years under Bill Christy, who continues to realise his dream of producing world-class, family-friendly endurance sports events as Clash CEO.

“We are rebranding as Clash due to endurance sports being the ultimate Clash of mind and body,” says Christy. “The fierce competitions push athletes to finish and succeed while the body is ready to quit, a clear Clash of desires every athlete faces.

“What began as a vision to provide world-class triathlons at speedways has blossomed into something bigger that will give all endurance athletes an entertaining and rewarding experience at top-rate facilities.”

Check out Bill Christy and Timothy O’Donnell chatting Clash with Bob Babbitt

In addition to races in Daytona, Miami and Watkins Glen, Clash’s first major non-tri centric race will be Clash Atlanta in November 2022 at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, which will feature an ultra-run relay, mountain bike events and trail runs at varying levels and distances.

Clash will continue to work with Nascar Productions and NBC to build upon the great quality broadcasts we enjoyed at Challenge Miami and Challenge Daytona.

Clash Events Line-up

  • Clash Daytona – 3-5 December 2021
  • Clash Miami – 11-13 March 2022
  • Clash Watkins Glen – 8-10 July 2022
  • Clash Atlanta – 12-13 November 2022

If you’re interested in racing a Clash event, Clash Daytona registration is open now while Clash Miami opens on 9 June and Clash Watkins Glen on 16 June. Find out more on the Clash website.

If you want to stay up to date with Clash, you can follow the team at @ClashEndurance across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as the Clash YouTube channel.

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