The 255 Triathlon Relay offers athletes uniquely flexible multi-distance options for teams to complete the epic 255km race.

TriBourne Multisport Events, organiser of the recently announced 255 Triathlon, has given those athletes not keen on going beyond iron-distance the chance to take part in teams – with an almost limitless choice over which disciplines and distances each athlete will complete.

Rather than tackling the 5km swim, 200km bike and 50km run solo, teams of two, three or four can break the distance down, each with the opportunity to take to the smooth surface of the historic Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit aboard two wheels.

As opposed to most triathlon relay formats – where each athlete completes an individual discipline – racers at the 255 Triathlon have the chance to split the swim, bike or run into different segments. Teams can swap at designated change-over points during the swim, bike and run.

With four 1,250m laps, the swim offers three opportunities to swap. Meanwhile, teams will be able to change riders every 10 – or more – laps over the 52-lap, 200km bike course – for a minimum of 38km for each turn. Finally, the run’s 50km course can be divvied up into a maximum of 10 5km laps.

255 Triathlon Relay Options
You can split up the race however you’d like, so it’ll suit a wide array of athletes. (Photo: TriBourne Multisport Events)

Of course, exactly how you split up your team’s stints is up to you. For example, a swimming specialist could take on the whole swim before other teammates conquer the bike and run. Or, if you have athletes used to different distances, you can roughly split the distances into Olympic and Ironman for two athletes.

There are endless combinations and you can find loads more suggestions on the 255 Triathlon website.

The addition of teams is sure to increase the buzz around what’s already set to be a unique race atmosphere. Goodwood’s pit lane will provide the event’s hub area with spectators, music, commentary, live lap timing, leaderboards and now excited relay teammates making it a race to remember.

Race director, Matthew Dowle, said: “After launching 255 Triathlon at the end of last year, we sat down and discussed how we could open the event up to a wide range of athletes of all abilities and including both long and short-course athletes. 

it will be amazing to see clubs, teammates and friends coming together for a full day of exciting relay racing

Matthew Dowle, 255 Triathlon Race Director

“We have devised a unique new relay format which will not only make the event more accessible but will also create an amazing atmosphere of team spirit at Goodwood on race day. This new relay format will allow long-course and short-course athletes to come together to form teams with each team creating their own unique race format. 

“We’re very excited to see how teams decide to tackle the event and the tactics used to complete the 255km course in the fastest possible times.

“After a difficult year we can’t wait to see things getting back to normal this summer and it will be amazing to see clubs, teammates and friends coming together for a full day of exciting relay racing and team camaraderie. 

“Of course, if any of our events are postponed due to COVID-19 we pledge to always do the best by our athletes. We’ll keep your money safe and make sure you get to race on a rescheduled date.”

The inaugural running of the event is set for Sunday 8 August 2021 and is limited to 300 competitors, so head over to the 255 Triathlon website to sign up while you can.


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