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The Best Triathlon Podcasts In 2022

Best Triathlon Podcasts
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The best triathlon podcasts are the perfect way to keep you entertained during sessions and quench your thirst for all-things triathlon. Here are nine great options in 2022.

for keeping you entertained during sessions, finding out about training methods or getting to know pro athletes better.

From getting to know the best pros in the sport, learning from legendary coaches or finding a common thread with your triathlon struggles, there are plenty of triathlon podcast options out there. Some, like IMTalk, have been around for years while relative newcomers like Greg Bennett show there’s still room for quality content.

So whether you turn to podcasts for triathlon news, training advice, pro interviews or just want something related to your favourite sport to listen to while training, hit download, plug in your headphones and join the audio world of swim, bike run.

In no particular order, here are eight of the best triathlon podcasts, all available via major podcast providers for you to listen to now.

IM Talk Podcast
IM Talk Legends of Triathlon


No list of triathlon podcasts would be complete without the anachronistic Kiwi stylings of IMTalk. Podcasting weekly since 2006, ‘Coach’ John Newsom and Bevan James Eyles’ banter always leaves a smile on your face.

Regular athlete interviews and discussions with coaches and sports scientists keep the education value high while there’s plenty of other interest from news and regular features.

Don’t forget to check out the boys’ Legends of Triathlon Show too, which offers more fantastic content featuring long-form interviews with people who’ve made the sport of triathlon what it is today.

IMTalk website

Pro Tri News Podcast

Pro Tri News

Pro Tri News goes beyond straightforward race reviews and into the territory of real sports punditry with all the rumour, speculation and inside analysis that goes with it.

Hosted by Kyle Glass, Pat Lemieux, Mark Matthews, Chelsea Burns and (sometimes) Talbot Cox, the team discuss everything in the pro triathlon world from World Triathlon to Ironman, with topics including Olympic selection, PTO points rankings, moto drafting and course safety.

That’s not to say its dry though – expected spirited debates and out-there opinions with Matthews in particular ever keen to court controversary. If you’re a fan of pro triathlon, it’s a must listen.

Pro Tri News on Apple Podcasts

The Greg Bennett Show Triathlon Podcast

The Greg Bennett Show

Formerly named Be With Champions, this podcast from multiple triathlon world champ Greg Bennett gets you inside the minds of triathlon’s biggest names.

Sizeable, in-depth interviews with the likes of Jan Frodeno, Katie Zaferes, Alastair Brownlee and Chrissie Wellington – to name just a few – give a deep insight into what’s made them champions.

Greg, a world-class coach himself, also talks to the names behind the champions including uber-coaches Joel Filliol and Siri Lindley and legends such as Dave Scott and Mark Allen.

Bennett Endurance website

IronWomen Triathlon Podcast

IronWomen Podcast

The IronWomen Podcast is always a great listen promoting the inclusivity of triathlon and showcasing the empowering nature of the sport. Hosts Haley Chura and Alyssa Godesky have an endearing rapport that’s always brings a smile to your face.

This amiable duo also get the most out of their guests with interviewees from up-and-comers to Olympic champions never ceasing to give honest insight about live in and out of the sport of triathlon. Tougher subjects are also brought into the light, but the show never leaves you feeling anything but energised and optimistic.

IronWomen homepage

That Triathlon Show Podcast

That Triathlon Show

Hosted by coach Mikael Eriksson, That Triathlon Show delves into the science of triathlon like no other with deep dives on very specific topics and the latest research.

Things can get seriously detailed here, sometimes requiring multiple listens but the regular Q+A podcasts help break down the science into useable training information. 

Scientific Triathlon website

Babbittville Radio Triathlon Podcast

Babbittville Radio

Breakfast With Bob has long been an essential part of the Kona race-week ritual, the gregarious father of triathlon media bringing insight and humour to the proceedings with equal measure. 

Babbittville Radio is Bob’s podcasting home, featuring fun, regularly uplifting interviews with the best in the business. From short check-ins with stars to longer catch-ups, there’s plenty of regular content to keep you engaged and updated.

Babbittville website

Zwift Power Up Tri Podcast

Zwift PowerUp Tri Podcast

Not content with dominating the world of virtual cycling and running, Zwift has also got in on podcasting. The show had a shake-up for 2021, regular host Matt Lieto returning alongside new recruit Sarah True – the pair also act as commentary team for the Zwift Z-Pro Tri Series events.

While shows aren’t released on a regular schedule, the Power Up Tri Podcast’s back catalogue includes an apparently inexhaustible list of names from old-school to up-and-coming as well as the sport’s biggest stars like Jan Frodeno.

It’s not all sugar-coated like you might expect, with issues such as eating disorders and depression being discussed openly. Meanwhile, the good-natured banter between the hosts keeps a smile on your face while training.

Zwift PowerUp Tri Podcast on Podbean

Inside Tri Show Triathlon Podcast

Inside Tri Show

Through the weekly Inside Tri Show, British broadcaster Helen Murray provides a warm hug of a triathlon podcast. Thanks to Murray’s disarming style, each episode is like sitting down with a cup of tea and a chat with a friend – really helping to get under the skin of how the biggest names in triathlon really feel.

Meanwhile, a considered yet light touch when it comes to all-too-often taboo areas like women’s health, disordered eating and mental health accessible to all, with the sport’s stars regularly opening up about their experiences of ‘tougher’ issues that affect triathletes.

Inside Tri Show website

Taren's Mottiv Method Tri Podcast

Taren’s Mottiv Method Podcast

One of the more larger-than-life characters in the world of triathlon podcasting, Triathlon Taren – along with the long-suffering No Triathlon Kim – provides a raft of interesting interviews as well as his own take on everything triathlon.

From tri power couples to in-depth health and training advice across a wide variety of subjects, there’s plenty to satisfy triathlon fans, or as Taren Gesell himself dubs them, ‘trainiacs’! In line with his YouTube channel, the show changed its name from Triathlon Taren to Taren’s Mottiv Method Podcast to serve the wider endurance community.

MyMottiv website



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