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11 Of The Best Triathlon YouTube Channels


The best triathlon YouTube channels mix hardcore training, gorgeous locations and racing inspiration. Here are our top 11 picks for tri fans.

When training indoors, it’s great to have a little extra motivation – or distraction – by way of some great video content. We’ve picked out 11 of the best triathlon YouTube channels to keep you connected to the world of swim-bike-run, give you more training insight or inspire you to push harder on your next interval.

Lionel Sanders

No list of tri YouTubers is complete without Lionel Sanders, so that’s where we’re starting. Not only does the Canadian’s obsession with improved performance provide great insight into this toughest of competitors but his frank attitude is also as disarming as it is charming.

While you can rely on plenty of training montages complete with pumping soundtracks to help keep the tempo up, it’s also worth noting the great work Sanders and videographer Talbot Cox have done in beefing up triathlon coverage for others to follow. Check out the regular ‘Race Week’ series to enjoy a full pro triathlon pre-race geek out with the world’s best in front of the lens.

That Triathlon Life

Eric Lagerstrom and Paula Findlay’s weekly uploads on That Triathlon Life are some of the best out there. Eric’s incredible videography skills work perfectly alongside the pair’s openness to illustrate what life is really like for pro triathletes.

You’ll get to join the couple – along with dog Flynn and the occasional triathlon co-star – on everything from road trips in their van to big races, coffee hangouts, TTL gear launches, bike builds, foodie fun and more. Whatever the content, a That Triathlon Life video drop is always beautiful and inspiring.


Bob Babbitt’s ‘Breakfast With Bob’ shows are legendary – and for good reason. Bob’s easy rapport with top professional athletes paired with his encyclopedic knowledge of the sport makes each interview a must-watch.

Add in regular chats from the sport’s pantheon of legends, Challenged Athletes Foundation guests and even interviews outside of triathlon and the king of talk-show tri has something for everyone on his Babbittville channel.

Team Charles-Barclay

Lucy and Reece Charles-Barclay, along with their doggy Lola, keep things fun and engaging with plenty of interesting content – and their obvious desire to out-do one another. From Lucy’s hard training camps to candid injury deep-dives, race reports, training advice and behind-the-scenes videos, there’s an eclectic mix to keep you up to date with this triathlon megastar.

The added cuteness of doggy content can raise a smile during the hardest trainer workout but be warned, the pair’s incredible pain cave will almost certainly make you jealous!


The official home of the Professional Triathletes Organisation, the PTO Hub has plenty of great content including entertaining athlete-on-athlete interviews and glossy storytelling that’ll make you want to push another few watts.

With exclusive access to the organisation’s top-ranked professionals, the PTO gets under the skin of athletes unlike any other channel – always showing them as the sporting titans they should be without sugar-coating the stories of their struggles and successes.

Global Triathlon Network (GTN)

If you want a mix of training content, triathlon news and wacky challenges, GTN is the place to go. Mark Threlfall, Heather Fell and James Cunnama host everything from silly contests to in-depth swim, bike and run advice. With new videos going up every day, there’s always something fresh to watch to keep yourself in touch with triathlon.

Going Long With Sam Long

Now complete with his own theme song, Sam Long has leapt into the consciousness of triathlon fans around the world thanks to his brashness, competitive mindset and ever-improving performances.

Through his channel – Going Long With Sam Long – you can follow this compelling personality on his journey to the top of the world of triathlon – and get plenty of inspiration, laughs and race insights along the way.

Harry Palmer

Sometimes triathlon content isn’t just about following the established stars of the sport, but looking at those who are grafting hard to get there. Harry Palmer has developed a big following in the age-group triathlon community for his openness, insight and sheer likeability, which when paired with a real flair for videography puts many ‘bigger’ names to shame. New to the pro game, Harry’s journey is exactly the aspirational inspiration craved by many an age-grouper.

Chasing Triathlon

The Chasing Triathlon channel shares the lives of pro triathletes Rachel Olson and Andre Lopes as they try to make it on the sport’s world stage. There’s a lot to like here – from the pair’s interactions (supportive, insightful and cheeky) to their work ethic and honesty in the face of the lows as well as highs. Cameos from fellow athletes, a friendly vibe that doesn’t take itself too seriously and the fact it’s not always plain sailing just adds to the feeling of investment on the journey.

Joe Skipper

Like Sam Long, Joe Skipper is one of triathlon’s more out-there personalities. The co-host of the Triathlon Mockery podcast can always be counted on for a left-field comment, a little smack talk or just some good old-fashioned hard work to keep you entertained. While his hometown training locations in and around the British city of Norwich might not offer the spectacular cinematic vistas of triathlon hotspots like Boulder or Tucson, Skipper’s hardcore workouts, no-nonsense attitude and humour make this a very watchable channel.

Richard Murray

South African star Richard Murray teams up with his wife, ‘Cheeky Dutchy’ Rachel Klamer, to give an entertaining look at the quest for glory in short-course triathlon and beyond. Worth it for the off-the-beaten-track training locations alone, the main joy comes from seeing how both athletes’ charms combine into a true triathlon partnership. Seeing the pair have fun together at races, enjoy long training adventures and seek new challenges as they work towards the Olympic Games is always worth watching.

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