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Form Smart Swim Goggles: First Swim Verdict

Form Smart Swim Goggles have been widely adopted by age-groupers and pros but what's that first-swim experience really like in the pool?

Form Smart Swim Goggles: Kristian Blummenfelt & Skye Moench

Kristian Blummenfelt and Skye Moench on how Form Smart Swim Goggles are an essential training aid changing the way they swim

Beginner’s Triathlon Kit – An Essential Guide

With swim, bike and run, triathlon requires quite a bit of gear. From wetsuits to bikes, running shoes and apparel, we take you through...

The Best Pool Toys For Triathletes – And How To Use Them

There are lots of pool toys and gadgets designed to improve your swim technique – here are four of the best that every triathlete should own.

How To Get Your Wetsuit On

Get the most out of your triathlon wetsuit by fitting it properly to improve your open water swimming comfort, efficiency and speed.

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