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Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Disc Kona Launched

German brand celebrates its Kona success with a new Hawaii-inspired Canyon Speedmax CF SLX Disc Kona limited to just 80 bikes worldwide.

Canyon Speedmax CFR And SLX Triathlon Bikes Launched

The new disc-equipped Canyon Speedmax CFR and SLX tri bikes have been revealed and are even faster than their 5x Kona-winning predecessor.

Canyon Launches Speedmax CF Triathlon Bike Range

New Speedmax CF range provides Kona-winning speed, integrated design and disc brakes at a more accessible price point.

New Tririg Omega One Brake Launched

Tririg has launched the new, ultra-powerful Omega One brake with a redesigned aero shape that could make your bike faster just by fitting one.

Scott Plasma 6 – First Look

Four years in the making, the Scott Plasma 6 is designed to be the fastest triathlon bike ever made. Here's what makes it special.

Tririg Scoops Ultimate Aerobar Cradles – First Look

Tririg reveals Scoops Ultimate – the ultra-adjustable full-forearm carbon aerobar cradles without the custom aerobar price tag.

Are Aero Wheels Worth The Money?

Adding a set of aero wheels to your triathlon bike makes it look the part but how much extra speed do they provide for the investment?

Body Rocket – Interview With Founder Eric DeGolier

We chat with Body Rocket founder Eric DeGolier about the new system that promises triathletes and cyclists live, wind-tunnel-quality data on every ride.

Beginner’s Triathlon Kit – An Essential Guide

With swim, bike and run, triathlon requires quite a bit of gear. From wetsuits to bikes, running shoes and apparel, we take you through...

Why Train With A Power Meter For Triathlon?

A power meter is one of the most popular wish-list upgrades for triathletes but what makes it the ultimate training tool for bike triathlon training?

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