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Body Rocket – Interview With Founder Eric DeGolier

We chat with Body Rocket founder Eric DeGolier about the new system that promises triathletes and cyclists live, wind-tunnel-quality data on every ride.

Beginner’s Triathlon Kit – An Essential Guide

With swim, bike and run, triathlon requires quite a bit of gear. From wetsuits to bikes, running shoes and apparel, we take...

Why Train With A Power Meter For Triathlon?

A power meter is one of the most popular wish-list upgrades for triathletes but what makes it the ultimate training tool for bike triathlon training?

Clinchers, Tubeless Or Tubular Tyres For Triathlon?

Clinchers with a tube, tubeless tyres with sealant or glued-on tubulars all have their place in cycling, but which is best for triathlon? We...

Time Trial And Triathlon Bikes – What’s the difference?

What’s the best bike for triathlon – a focused tri bike or a super-aero TT bike? We delve into the differences.

How To Pick The Right Triathlon Running Shoes

Narrow down the search for your perfect triathlon running shoes with our guide to trainer types and technologies to suit your running gait.

The Best Pool Toys For Triathletes – And How To Use Them

There are lots of pool toys and gadgets designed to improve your swim technique – here are four of the best that every triathlete should own.

How To Get Your Wetsuit On

Get the most out of your triathlon wetsuit by fitting it properly to improve your open water swimming comfort, efficiency and speed.

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Normalized Power Vs Average Power

When it comes to analysing performance between rides and seeing training progression, should you focus on Normalized Power or average power?

Why Do We Sweat During Exercise?

Delve into the science of sweat with Precision Hydration expert Andy Blow and find out why sodium replenishment matters to your triathlon performance.

What Is The Ironman VR Championship Series?

The Ironman VR Championship Series gives triathletes the chance to earn Ironman 70.3 World Championship qualification through a four-event virtual series.

How To Add Strength Training To Your Ironman Plan

Strength For Endurance coach Kriss Hendy explains how to make strength and conditioning sessions a cornerstone of your Ironman training plan.

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