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Why Training Intensity Improves Triathlon Performance

Maintaining some high-intensity triathlon training is essential when you're stepping up in distance. Here's why intensity boosts endurance.

How To Get Back To Swimming After A Break

With access to swimming pools now improving after COVID closures, what’s the best way to restart your triathlon swimming after a long break?

How Sculling Drills Can Improve Your Swimming Technique

Sculling drills are one of the best ways to improve freestyle technique and unlock your potential in the water to make you a faster, more efficient swimmer.

6 Easy Ways To Swim Faster In Open Water

Simple wins to boost your open water triathlon swimming speed without extra effort, getting you to transition and on the bike in record time.

How To Improve Your Freestyle Swimming Technique

By breaking down your front crawl stroke, you can transform your freestyle technique to swim faster and stronger in your next triathlon.

What Is A Brick Session?

Combining swimming, biking or running into a single brick session is key for triathlon training and racing success. Here’s why.

How To Prepare For Open-Water Swimming In The Pool

Practise open-water techniques in the pool to get ahead of the game when it comes to swimming outside. Here’s how to tailor your indoor training for the great outdoors.

How To Acclimatise To Cold Open Water Swimming

Getting used to low temperatures when swimming in open water is an essential skill for triathletes – follow our tips to acclimatise before diving in.

The Best Pool Toys For Triathletes – And How To Use Them

There are lots of pool toys and gadgets designed to improve your swim technique – here are four of the best that every triathlete should own.

How To Avoid Swim Dizziness In Transition

Dizziness after the swim in a triathlon is common – here are six ways to help avoid it and get through transition with a clear head.

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