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5 Training Tips From The PTO 2020 Championship

The PTO 2020 Championship got us up close with the world's best triathletes but what can they teach us about our own triathlon race prep?

What To Do When Coronavirus Cancels Your Triathlon

The Coronavirus is disrupting all our lives and triathlon plans too. Here’s how to keep progressing in the right direction during an unsettled season.

Triathlon goal setting the SMART way

Triathlon goal setting the SMART way will help you progress towards realistic targets and keep you motivated to train right to the finish line.

6 Easy Ways To Swim Faster In Open Water

Simple wins to boost your open water triathlon swimming speed without extra effort, getting you to transition and on the bike in record time.

Triathlon Race-day Checklist

Download your free triathlon race-day checklist to make sure you have everything you need for swim, bike and run during your next triathlon event.

How To Banish Pre-Race Nerves

Being nervous before your triathlon event is perfectly normal, but that doesn’t make the feelings of anxiousness any easier to dispel. Here’s our guide to banishing the pre-race jitters.

How To Run Strong Off The Bike

Give yourself the best chance of a strong run and fast triathlon finish with our post-bike running tips.

How To Avoid Swim Dizziness In Transition

Dizziness after the swim in a triathlon is common – here are six ways to help avoid it and get through transition with a clear head.

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