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How To Get Back To Swimming After A Break

With access to swimming pools now improving after COVID closures, what’s the best way to restart your triathlon swimming after a long break?

Heart Rate Zones For Triathlon Training

Using different heart rate zones for triathlon training allows you to pick the right intensity for quality workouts. Here’s how it works.

How To Test Your Maximum Heart Rate

Here's how to test your maximum heart rate for running and cycling, helping you set your training zones and train more efficiently.

Timing Your Training To Maximise Sleep Quality

Sleeping is the most effective recovery tool for triathletes, so how can we organise our training to ensure the best sleep quality?

What’s The Best Running Cadence?

The best running cadence is often considered to be 180 steps per minute, but a study looking at elite runners shows it's not so simple.

Lockdown Indoor Bike Training Tips

During lockdown, indoor bike training is essential to maintain cycling fitness. Here are seven tips to make the most of training indoors.

5 Training Tips From The PTO 2020 Championship

The PTO 2020 Championship got us up close with the world's best triathletes but what can they teach us about our own triathlon race prep?

What Is Bike And Run Efficiency Factor?

Keeping an eye on cycling and running Efficiency Factor (EF) can help you unlock better aerobic fitness on the bike and run. Here's how...

Normalized Power Vs Average Power

When it comes to analysing performance between rides and seeing training progression, should you focus on Normalized Power or average power?

How To Add Strength Training To Your Ironman Plan

Strength For Endurance coach Kriss Hendy explains how to make strength and conditioning sessions a cornerstone of your Ironman training plan.

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