Why Training Intensity Improves Triathlon Performance

Maintaining some high-intensity triathlon training is essential when you're stepping up in distance. Here's why intensity boosts endurance.

What Is TSS – Training Stress Score?

TSS – Training Stress Score – helps quantify the cumulative stress of your triathlon training to keep you progressing without overtraining.

What Is Variability Index (VI)? And How To Use It For Triathlon

Variability Index or VI is a cycling power meter metric that can help you pace your triathlon bike leg to perfection. Here's how it works.

Does Cycling Make You A Faster Runner?

Running speed requires high-intensity training – here’s how cycling hard can make you a faster runner and help you stay injury-free.

Zwift Academy Tri 2021 – All You Need To Know

Zwift Academy Tri 2021 starts on 18 October with eight weeks of structured triathlon training. Here's what you need to know for this year.

How To Get Back To Swimming After A Break

With access to swimming pools now improving after COVID closures, what’s the best way to restart your triathlon swimming after a long break?

Heart Rate Zones For Triathlon Training

Using different heart rate zones for triathlon training allows you to pick the right intensity for quality workouts. Here’s how it works.

How To Test Your Maximum Heart Rate

Here's how to test your maximum heart rate for running and cycling, helping you set your training zones and train more efficiently.

Timing Your Training To Maximise Sleep Quality

Sleeping is the most effective recovery tool for triathletes, so how can we organise our training to ensure the best sleep quality?

What’s The Best Running Cadence?

The best running cadence is often considered to be 180 steps per minute, but a study looking at elite runners shows it's not so simple.

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