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New Tririg Omega One Brake Launched

Tririg has launched the new, ultra-powerful Omega One brake with a redesigned aero shape that could make your bike faster just by fitting one.

Tririg Scoops Ultimate Aerobar Cradles – First Look

Tririg reveals Scoops Ultimate – the ultra-adjustable full-forearm carbon aerobar cradles without the custom aerobar price tag.

Tririg Omega X Brake Review

The Tririg Omega X brake provides an exceptionally clever design that’s powerful, fast and very easy to live with.

Scott Plasma 6 – First Look

Four years in the making, the Scott Plasma 6 is designed to be the fastest triathlon bike ever made. Here's what makes it special.

Time Trial And Triathlon Bikes – What’s the difference?

What’s the best bike for triathlon – a focused tri bike or a super-aero TT bike? We delve into the differences.